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Ita was born into a family with many talents; her father was an architect with a strong vein for sculpture and her mother both a painter and fashion journalist. Besides owning a renowned contemporary art gallery in Forte dei Marmi, she also has a weak spot for beautiful clothes.

Ita grew up amidst pencils, pieces of fabric, bricks and design, breathing the environment and developing a deep love for art and creativity.

Ita completed her studies abroad, travelling from Switzerland to Los Angeles.

Her debut into the fashion world was with Riccardo Gai, a designer for various photographers, whom she followed in their incredible travels, until one day becoming the protagonist on the set during a photo shoot when the photographer didn't show up. Without hesitating, Ita picked up the camera and shot the photo shoot to the great approval of the committee.

On her return from one of her numerous trips abroad, she was called by a famous textile manufacturer in Como, for whom she then became design consultant for the choice of materials, including the fabrics which were then modelled in Paris and Rome , in the Valentino Moda and Ungaro Haute Couture collections.

This is where her mother intervenes with invaluable help, by opening her wardrobe full of wonders! In one night Ita was given an accelerated lesson on fabrics and prints, encouraging Ita on her travels into the fabulous world of fashion!

Ita's enchanted life continues, while she works from Como to Milan, from Paris to Rome, from fashion show to fashion show , where the garments making history were made with fabrics and prints selected by Ita.

Ita stops off in Marrakesh, where she encounters a person who brings about the creation of her own collection, her career as a designer, photographer, consultant becomes that of a designer. With the creation of the brand ITA-KLI, a collection of soft fur coats, with modern, structured cuts are an immediate success, sold in the best retailers both in Italy and internationally.

It is always her mother who reopens her precious wardrobe, giving her lessons on the various types of leather and furs, remaining by her side for the creation each single collection.